Does Visita Plus lighten the skin? (Answered)

Visita Plus Triple Action Cream is a multi-active cream for the removal of hyperpigmentation, inflammatory spots, and antifungals. It comes in a tube container and works effectively at clearing unwanted skin problems.

Visita Plus is a skin clarifying and unwanted spot remover cream that clears fungal infections and eczema from the skin. It is a fast spot remover that helps reduce the appearance of white spots, acne, and dark spots on the skin.

Visita Plus Triple Action Cream is manufactured in India by Micro Labs Limited. It can be used to remove dark spots from any part of the body. Visita Plus Triple Action Cream is recommended as a fast and effective solution for fungal and inflammatory spots.

The main ingredient in this cream is clotrimazole, which serves as an antifungal ingredient for the treatment of all fungal-related skin problems. It doesn’t bleach or lighten the skin of used correctly and it is compromised of skin treatment ingredients only.

Visita Plus Cream Overview

Product Name Visita Plus Triple Action Cream
Overall Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Key Ingredients 0.1% Gentamicin, 1% Clotrimazole, 0.25% Beclomethasone dipropionate
Benefits Clears white and dark spots, acne spots, hyperpigmentation, reduces stretch marks and fine lines
Skin Types All skin types
Side Effects No negative side effects reported when used correctly without mixing with other skincare ingredients or creams
Price (in Nigeria) NGN 500
Where to Buy Local beauty and online stores
Manufacturer Micro Labs Limited
Packaging and Composition White and red-designed aluminum tube, 30-gram size

How to know original Visita plus cream

1. Purchase from a reputable source: Ensure that you buy the Visita Plus Triple Action Cream from a trusted and authorized retailer.

2. Check the packaging: Examine the outer packaging of the cream. Look for any signs of poor printing quality, misspellings, or grammatical errors.

3. Verify the logo and branding: The original visita plus cream comes in a white and red tube color, design and overall branding on the tube cream with official images of Visita Plus Triple Action Cream.

4. Examine the tube: Look closely at the tube itself. Original Visita Plus Triple Action Cream tubes have high-quality packaging, including clear and readable text, consistent font styles, and accurate product information. While the fake tubes have blurred and faded printing, and unevenly aligned text.

5. Check the batch and expiry date: Authentic products have clearly printed batch numbers and expiry dates. Ensure that the numbers are legible and printed accurately. Counterfeit products may have smudged or altered batch and expiry dates, or they may not be present at all.

6. Analyze the cream consistency and scent: Open the tube and examine the consistency of the cream. The original Visita plus cream has a slightly thick consistency and fair scent fragrance.

Visita Plus Cream Ingredients

0.1% Gentamicin, 1% Clotrimazole, 0.25%, and Beclomethasone dipropionate

Can I use Visita Plus cream for my face?

Yes, you can use Visita Plus cream to remove unwanted spots from your face. Spot it on the affected areas of your face, and it will clear the unwanted spots.

Can Visita Plus remove pimples?

Yes, it can remove acne spots from the skin.

Does Visita Plus lighten the skin?

Visita Plus Triple Action Cream is not a skin whitening or lightening cream; instead, it reduces the appearance of unwanted spots and rashes on the skin.

What is Visita Plus cream used for?

Visita Plus is one of the most popular anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory face and body creams that reduces the appearance of fungal skin infections and skin inflammatory spots.

Can I mix Visita Plus with my cream?

No, you don’t need to mix this cream with any other cream or body lotion to avoid reducing its effectiveness.

Does Visita Plus clear dark spots?

Yes, it removes dark spots from the skin.

Does Visita Plus cream bleach?

No, it’s not a skin bleaching cream.

How to use Visita Plus Cream

Spot-apply this cream to the affected part of the skin and massage it gently in the morning and evening for a few days or up to 3 weeks until the affected area has been cleared.

What type of skin can use Visita Plus cream?

It can be used for all skin types.

Visita Plus Cream Benefits

  1. It clears white and dark spots.
  2. It clears acne spots.
  3. It clears hyperpigmentation.
  4. It reduces stretch marks and fine li nes.
  5. It is a triple active skin corrector cream.

Visita Plus Cream Side Effects

According to various users experience, It has no negative side effects if used correctly without mixing it with other skincare Ingredients or creams.

Packaging and Composition

Visita Plus Triple Action Cream has a white color and is not thick. This tube cream has a white and red-designed container and a white head cover. It comes in a 30-gram aluminum tube.

How much is Visita Plus cream in Nigeria?

Visita Plus Triple Action Cream price in Nigeria is 500 NGN.

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