Male #W4 – Northeast SD, South Dakota

Price: $700

Sex & Breed: Male Siberian Husky

Puppy’s story: 

I love everything about this male. He is BIG. He is beautiful. He is so calm and so quiet. He is just great. This is our first litter between Winter and our new male and they did not disappoint. His father, Glacier is so gorgeous. Great big bone structure, great coat and such a beautiful head. His personality is the sweetest most calm natured personality I have ever seen. Love this boy. His mother Winter is super sweet and beautiful as well. She is a big girl and She is beautiful. She just loves to talk! When she moves she has so much grace! She is always happy and very loving. She is such a joy to be around, always making us laugh. She is truly awesome! Both are such a special part of our family! The puppies are so laid back, so calm and so quiet. They are gorgeous. These puppies have passed my expectations. Please go to our website to see all these puppies and their pictures.

We at Siberians of the Heartland have a number of puppies for sale this spring. We have a variety of ages, and colors available. We are a family of 5 and spend every day giving the puppies all the love and attention they need. We start all of our puppies at birth on a biosensor program. Stimulating them from the time they are born to the time they leave here with a series of techniques and excersizes making them the best possible pets. All of our puppies leave our home up to date on shots. We send 2 bowls, a collar/leash, soft toy, raw hide chew chips and a vitamin package. I also include information with training tips. For information on what we have available and information on personalities of our puppies please check us out on our website at or email me. I am very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Puppy’s information:

Sex & Breed: Male Siberian Husky
Location: Northeast SD, South Dakota
Age: 6 weeks, 5 days
Available: 9/23/2018

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