Extract Cream

Extract Cream is a skin lightening and brightening body lotion that repairs and nourishes the skin with plant extracts that make the skin more beautiful and perfect. It’s a very good body lotion to maintain your natural fair skin that doesn’t bleach the skin. In this article i have discussed about how to know fake extract cream and all other information you need to know about this body cream before buying it.

How to know Fake Extract Cream

How To Know Original Extract Cream
Original and fake Extract Cream pictures
Aspect Original Extract Cream Fake Extract Cream
Container design and labeling No Arabic language on container Arabic language on container
Texture and consistency Smooth and even texture May have clumps or uneven texture
Scent Mild and pleasant Strong or unpleasant
Price Typically more expensive Unusually low prices or significant discounts
Availability Sold at reputable retailers Sold at discount stores or online marketplaces
Brand reputation Established and well-known Unknown
Ingredients High-quality and natural Contains unknown and low-quality ingredients
Customer reviews and ratings Generally positive Negative
Packaging and seal Sealed and tamper-evident May be unsealed or poorly packaged
Manufacturer information Clear and identifiable on its container Unknown

Note that the presence of Arabic language on the container alone does not necessarily indicate that a product is fake. However, in the case of Extract cream, it appears that the original product does not have Arabic language on its container, while the fake product does. Consumers should exercise caution and use this multiple criteria to evaluate the authenticity of the Extract cream before purchasing it.

Extract Cream Review

I have a question and answer session with a friend and gathered many other users information to put together this piece and this is the best Extract cream review because all information in this Extract cream review is based on different people person experience, so stick the the end of this article to find more information.

Extract Cream is not a whitening lotion as claimed by its manufacturer, which makes it usable for dark, chocolate, and light-skinned people. It’s not harsh on the skin, and it has a long-lasting fragrance that will linger well on your body. It will brighten and even tone your skin. If you have extremely dry skin, you can use oil with it.

Extract Whitening Lotion Papaya Calamansi has SPF 10, which makes it very different from many skin care products that don’t even care about the buyers’ skin, which makes them not include SPF in their products. Meanwhile, SPF 10 is not enough to protect your skin from the sun and UV rays, so it’s best you get a sunscreen separately with this cream.

Always make sure you exfoliate your skin before using skin care products to accelerate the effects of the moisturizer. It is mild on the skin and doesn’t cause white patches, stretch marks, or green viens. It’s highly enriched in natural plant extracts such as lemon and papaya fruit extract.

According to a report in 2022, lemon helps exfoliate the skin’s dead cells, increases collagen production, reduces oil production, promotes even skin tone, and helps fight oxidative stress. It will also clear out dirt and dark spots on your skin.

Extract Cream is recommended for all skin types for brightening and lightening without having any skin problems. It can also be used to maintain your fair skin complexion without hurting your skin.

Advantages of Extract Whitening Lotion

  1. It lightens dark spots.
  2. It doesn’t bleach the skin.
  3. It moisturized the skin.
  4. It will make your skin glow.
  5. It nourishes the skin very well.
  6. It clears out skin pigmentation.

Side Effects of Extract Cream

This body moisturizer doesn’t have any negative effects if used correctly.

Does Extract Cream contain hydroquinone?

No, hydroquinone is not present in this body moisturizer.

When Can I Use It?

Rub your skin with this lotion after bathing daily.

Does Extrat Cream bleach the skin?

No, it doesn’t bleach the skin.

What type of skin can use Extract lotion?

It is suitable for all skin types.

Can I mix oil with Extract Whitening Lotion Papaya Calamansi?

Yes, you can mix oil with this lightening lotion if you have extremely dry skin.

How to use Extract Cream

Put a small amount of this cream on your skin and rub it gently till it penetrates fully into your skin.

Extract Cream Price

United States





GH₵ 20


₦ 2000

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